Association of sightseeing in Chichibu agriculture and forestry business

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Blueberry reached season

June 20, 2018 [news]

Blueberry garden of "green forest blueberry association" was opened from Wednesday, June 20.     ☆SL Chichibu blueberry train! By cooperation of Chichibu-Railway state, it traveled on Sunday, June 17. It is raw in the SL inside of car…](For more details, it is →

News of strawberry picking

June 18, 2018 [news]

Strawberry picking of this season in Chichibu area became the end. Thank you for visiting many customers. (For more details, it is →

Chichibu regional sightseeing campaign was held

February 7, 2018 [news]

  Chichibu regional sightseeing campaign was held at Keihin Electric Express Railway Corporation Kami-Ooka Station (Konan-ku, Yokohama-shi) on Saturday, February 3. Want charm such as strawberry or icicle of Chichibu of this time to touch customer along Keihin Electric Express Railway Corporation, including SEIBU Railway of cooperation of affiliate…](For more details, it is →

Greetings of the 2018 New Year
New Year's Day

January 1, 2018 [news]

A Happy New Year. We would like this year as well as last year.   Strawberry farm of Chichibu area is opened from today. Come to strawberry picking after inquiry by all means in Chichibu in each farm. For more information: → Strawberry…](For more details, it is →

About the year-end and New Year inquiry
Strawberry picking

December 14, 2017 [news]

You see association of sightseeing in Chichibu agriculture and forestry business official site, and thank you very much. We inform of the year-end and New Year inquiry.   During period of from Sunday, December 31, 2017 to Wednesday, January 3, 2018, the state of things is really long…](For more details, it is →

Chichibu Yama Ruby English
The Mt. Chichibu ruby flyer English version surface

September 5, 2017 [news]

  For more details, it is →

List of 2017 second Chichibu mountain ruby competitive show special prizes

August 21, 2017 [news]

Sightseeing in Mayor of Governor of Saitama Prize Yoshiyuki Uchida Chichibu agriculture and forestry promotion center's director Prize Tajima Makio Chichibu Prize Minoru Takada Kooricho, Chichibu town assembly length Prize Yutaka Machida Chichibu agriculture and forestry business association length prize Jutaro Asami Chichibu agricultural cooperative length Prize Akira Takeuchi prize for encouragement Takao Chishima (in detail →)

Chichibu mountain ruby beginning to sell time

August 16, 2017 [news]

※At vineyard name address telephone mountain ruby beginning to sell plan time in Chichibu-shi that is all (0494) as for the area code of phone number the number of mountain ruby cultivation bunches imitate; is Yagi on 12,000 on vineyard 150, Kuroya, Chichibu-shi 23-5662 August 18…](For more details, it is →

Marchais to grow, and to grow on holds "crop of Chichibu".

August 8, 2017 [news]

In Ginza Mitsukoshi 9F, we sell Chichibu mountain ruby on a qualified scale. Fantastic kind "Chichibu mountain ruby" which we cannot eat makes a foray into Tokyo when we do not come to Chichibu. In addition, as sell recommended farm products of Chichibu area; in fun! (For more details, it is →

News from TV Saitama gusset Komi Chichibu

July 5, 2017 [news]

There was coverage of seasonal blueberry hunting now. Shooting was carried out in "berry garden Tsurumaki" of green forest blueberry association.        Pink lemonade                              Titer…](For more details, it is →

Welcome to Chichibu, Saitama


Natural rich Chichibu, Saitama district among the source and the mountains of Arakawa is known as sightseeing spot to be able to enjoy in family as sightseeing spot of access of around 90 minutes from metropolitan area.

Chichibu is dotted with many Tourist Farms in each municipality including sightseeing strawberry garden and vineyard. When you visited Chichibu, you drop in at Tourist Farm and experience-based facilities and taste seasonal taste, and please enjoy agriculture experience.

Association of sightseeing in Chichibu agriculture and forestry business
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